AutoPilot Toolkit

The AutoPilot Toolkit for Phoenix allows users to automatically create PK output such as graphs, tables, and text documents, from study data and NCA results. It provides the same functionality of the original AutoPilot Toolkit and it is integrated into the Phoenix framework.

The AutoPilot Toolkit consists of four main parts: the Administrator panel, the AP Automation object, the AP Comparison object, and Automation File Explorer. The AP Automation and the AP Compari­son objects automate PK analyses and compare output from automation runs. They allow users to specify selections for input study data, analysis execution, and output on a run-by-run basis.

The Administrator panel allows users to select PK parameters, variables, and output types. Adminis­trator selections are stored in XML (Extensible Markup Language) files and are applied to AutoPilot Toolkit runs.

Automation File Explorer helps users prepare reports that use AutoPilot Toolkit graph and worksheet output. Automation File Explorer loads the JPG, EMF, or WMF graphs and XLS worksheet from an AutoPilot Toolkit’s project output files and exports them into Microsoft Word documents and Power­Point presentations.

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